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Victoria Constantine
Unbridled Wild
Northern Illinois


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Meet Victoria Constantine, the Unbridled Wild Instructor, whose lifelong journey with horses has transcended continents and traditional training methods. While she honed her skills in both the United States and Germany across various equestrian disciplines, Tori always sensed a deeper, more authentic connection with her equine companions.

Having adopted multiple wild mustangs, in these new partnerships, Tori sought to develop a connection devoid of fear and trauma, primarily utilizing liberty methods that eschew the use of ropes, bridles, or coercive tools.

This unconventional approach flourished as Tori established an extraordinary bond with her Mustang, affectionately known as Sundance Kid, or Sunny. Together, they have achieved the remarkable feat of working entirely at liberty and riding without any traditional headgear. Notably, Tori's prowess earned her the title of Champion at the International Liberty Horse Festival's Non-Pro Freestyle event, solidifying her commitment to sharing the art of liberty and fostering deeper emotional connections between humans and their equine companions.

Beyond the stables, Tori's passion extends to teaching and facilitating connections in other realms. She currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Wisconsin, where she imparts knowledge through online courses in eCommerce and Marketing. In 2023, Tori further expanded her horizons by completing her ESMHL Certificate (Equine Specialist in Mental Health & Learning Certificate) through the esteemed International Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH International). Tori Constantine's dedication knows no bounds, as she continues to enrich lives and strengthen the bonds between humans and their four-legged friends.

List Of Accomplishments

2005-2009 | ARHA, AQHA, NCHA events competitor and qualifier multiple association world shows
2012 | Texas Veterinary Medical Association - Certified Veterinary Assistant
2012-2014 | Certified Veterinary Assistant for Equine and Companion animal care at
Emergency Veterinary & Local Veterinary offices (El Paso Texas)
2020-2021 | International Flight & Travel Mustang Groom
2021 | Mustang Heritage Foundation Open Show - 3rd Overall In-Hand Division
2022 | Multiple Time Grand Champion International Liberty Horse Association Virtual Competitions
2023 | 7 Time Grand Champion - International Liberty Horse Championship
2023| Non-Pro Freestyle Champion - International Liberty Horse Championship
2024 | Certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health & Learning, PATH International

Services Offered



Virtual Coaching

Online Education

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