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North Central Liberty Horse Club is an affiliated club under the International Liberty Horse Association. Our mission is to promote, compete and unite in the discipline of Liberty.

Mission Statement


Why should I join? What's in it for me?

The purpose of this club is to provide a local connection within the ILHA. Our region primarily includes the Midwest, however we have serval members outside the area. We offer a place to build relationships and connections with other enthusiasts who have the common love for liberty, providing resources, support and encouragement to one another.


Our club will offer our own shows and competitions throughout the season as well as other educational opportunities such as clinics and practices. All members receive discounts on these events.


Yearly awards are included with membership! 

*New in 2023! We will begin LIVE monthly Liberty Talk Q&As chats. 

To learn more about all the great benefits, see our Membership Page>.

Why Liberty?

Liberty is a new, growing discipline even though people have been doing it for years. It allows you to connect and build an everlasting bond and deepen the relationship with your horse while coming to a greater understanding of communication. The feeling is almost magical when you freely control the movements of a thousand pound animal through a touchless connection and the benefits you gain, are irreplaceable. Liberty as a discipline is unique in the fact that all breeds, body types, sizes and horses of any age can compete and participate.

Intimidated? Don't be, patterns begin in the round pen and some classes you perform entirely on the lead rope with a halter. Find out more about liberty at the International Liberty Horse Association>.

Meet the Manager

Amanda Sommer

Amanda Sommer runs and operates her own training business Sommer Strides Horse Training LLC and has been training horses for over 15 years. She began her liberty journey back in 2014 when she entered to compete in the American Horsewoman's Challenge. This training competition included three phases Cowboy Dressage, Extreme Trail and Liberty. With no previous liberty training experience, she had no choice but to learn and try. Competing with a 5 year old wild mustang, Amanda managed to place 5th in the liberty class and 7th overall out of 50 trainers from around the world. 

Besides the American Horsewoman's Challenge, Amanda has competed in seven Mustang Makeovers throughout the years and truly has a passion for the mustang. Her current liberty partner is a small little mustang named Zacchaeus.

Amanda has focused mainly on showing Western Dressage, competing at the WDAA World Show twice with her mustangs Pioneer and Zion and placing in the top 10 with each of them. 

In 2019, the focus of competition was shifted as Amanda became a new mom to her 2 little ones. With the new role of "mom-hood", liberty training has become an easier option and she's enjoying exploring this new discipline.

Our Volunteers

This amazing Club would not be possible without the generous dedication of our faithful volunteers! You are all VERY appreciated!

Interested in volunteering? Contact Amanda Sommer

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