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Clinics are a great way to explore and expand your liberty journey. Learn from Amanda Sommer of Sommer Strides Horse Training & ILHA carded Judge as well as other great clinicians. Interested in hosting a clinic at your facility? Check out our Hosting page.

Jan 28th 2023
Virtual Judge's Review Clinic

This is a Virtual Event

Feb 18 2023
Liberty & More Clinic

Belgium, WI

March 25th 2023
Liberty Clinic

Columbus, WI

April 2nd 2023
Liberty Clinic

Cascade, WI

April 22-23rd 2023
2 Day Liberty Clinic

Evansville, WI

May 8th 2023
How to Plan a Freestyle 

Virtual Clinic

May 20-21st 2023
Ariana Sakaris Clinic

Evansville, WI

June 3-4th 2023
2 Day Liberty Workshop

Milton, WI

June 10 2023
Competing at Liberty Clinic

Evansville, WI

July 22
Liberty Clinic by Laura Baker

Evansville, WI

Aug 12
Obstacles at Liberty Clinic

Tomah, WI

Aug 19
Obstacles at Liberty Clinic

Evansville, WI

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